5 Takeaways From Last Nights Golden Globes

Amongst the glitz and the glamour of last nights Golden Globes, a few races became crystal clear while others remain a bit of a mystery. Let’s take a deep dive and examine 5 takeaways from last night’s big event.

5. The Laura Dern Victory Tour –

Marriage Story

With Laura Dern sweeping most guild awards and now the Golden Globes, she not only a shoo-in to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Marriage Storybut she’s also going to go home with the gold. It stinks because of her popularity; very few people recognize the excellent work of Zhao Shuzen. I’d put about as big of a lock as Julianne Moore was for Still Alice. 

4. Do not discount 1917 –


With all the talk of Parasite, Marriage Story, and The Irishman, it seems that 1917 has snuck into the conversation for Best Picture of the year. While the previous three titles are sure to gain a ton of buzz when the gain multiple nominations, 1917’s win Sunday night gave a glimpse into what may come. Remember how everyone was on board with Roma and then Green Book won?

3. Pitt is on a Dernesque march to Oscar glory.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Say it with me now, Oscar winner Brad Pitt … we might as well get used to it. While I wasn’t a fan of the movie, there’s no denying which way the wind is blowing.

2. Akwafina could be Renee Zellweger’s biggest threat

The Farewell

With Akwafina’s win last night for her fantastic work in The Farewell, she’s all but assured of being one the 5 nominees for Best Actress this year and could pose quite a threat to Renee’s march to an Oscar (which was once thought to be a foregone conclusion).

1. I can’t ignore the love for Joker


As much as I loved Joker, I am personally pulling for Adam Driver in Marriage Story , but it’s hard to ignore what has unfolded during Award Season. Mr. Phoenix and Mr. Driver have dominated the Best Actor category, and with Joaquin winning this weekend, he now holds a slight edge. At best, we can say this is a two-horse race. We shall see how the next three weeks unfold.

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