5 things to expect on the Season Two Premiere Of ‘Big Little Lies’

Big Little Lies premieres this Sunday on HBO, and as a way of getting you prepared for the new season (as we have seen it and a review is forthcoming), here are five things to expect when you watch Sunday night’s premiere.

5.  Meryl Streep’s character is not here to play –

Don’t be deceived by Mary Louise Wright (Streep), she is not here to help Celeste (Kidman) mourn the death of her son Perry (who died in the finale of season one). She knows something isn’t right and is making it perfectly clear to everyone she interacts with that she intends to get to the bottom of how it all went down.

Big Little Lies

Season 2: Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep. photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO

4. Does Mary Louise intend to seek justice? 

There’s a moment in the first episode where she lets everyone in behind the curtain to see the glimpse of a mother who is coming unhinged due to grief. That moment got me thinking if she would actually kill who she perceived killed her son. Based on what I saw, it could be what her intent truly is.

3.  Bonnie can’t cope with happened. 

Bonnie Carlson (Zoë Kravitz) has not been dealing with the events of last school year well. She won’t talk to her husband or her child. Could she be the one who ends up turning everyone in?

Big Little Lies

Season 2: Reese Witherspoon, Zoë Kravitz.
photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO




2. Madeline is hit with a surprise revelation from home – 

Madeline (played by Academy Award Winner Reese Witherspoon) has seemingly moved on from the events of which took place at the school fundraiser and is hit with a pretty shocking (at least to her) revelation which causes tension.

Big Little Lies

1. Renata still seems out of her mind 

Renata (played perfectly by Laura Dern) is still the craziest one of the group and at least in the first episode provided moments of comic relief which help cut the tension. Big Little Lies wouldn’t be the same without her.


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