‘Euphoria’ Episode 4 Review: 5 Takeaways from the Best Episode of This Season so Far

Euphoria’s best episode of the season so far was tonight. The staging in the fair was perfect, and the seamless way they were to weave in various storylines in the setting was marvelous. The cinematography stood out as well perfectly capturing the chaotic nature of a fair while presenting this air of secrecy. Everyone we saw tonight had some secret they were hiding in plain sight. Here are five takeaways from tonight’s episode of Euphoria.

5- Nate’s secrets are starting to come out and this will get violent – 


Nate’s (Jacob Elordi) girlfriend confronts him about the numerous amount of dick picks she found on his phone. Embarrassed by the truth, he immediately turns to her for comfort after he snapped at her for embarrassing her family at the chili cook-off. He also reveals himself to Jules which further complicates matters (will get into that in just a second). Her reaction once again brings out his violent side. Threats were made on both sides. This is going to end badly for both of them.

4. Nate’s Father Makes It Worse – 


Nate’s father already has a wondering eye and has had relations with Jules in a motel. You can see the fear in his eyes when he sees her. Based on his past, you get the sense that he would do anything to silence the one person who could tear up his life. Could he finally give into the rage and give Euphoria it’s first murder?

3. Jules and Rue are getting closer, and it might lead to one of them dying – 


Jules (Hunter Schafer) and Rue (Zendaya) become incredibly close in this episode. Rue now knows something that could ruin Nate’s family ( you know that whole Jules, and both Nate and his father have hooked up with her). If they think that she’s going to be an issue, would they try and silence her? If that happens (with Jules history) would she do something to herself? I can’t shake the vibe that we could see a domino effect occur.

2. Kat is discovering her secret power – 


Kat (Barbie Ferreira) continues to be the most fascinating character of this season. Seeing her undergo such a transformation that’s a departure from who she is fascinating. All she wants is to be accepted, and when that fails, she begins to use her sexuality as a means of feeling superior. She might the x-factor during this season of Euphoria. 

1. Cassie can’t escape her past –


Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) realizes the perception others have of her, and it impacts her emotionally. Her boyfriend called Sydney out for promiscuous reputation in the past. She had identified herself as being a great girlfriend, but now is at a loss.


Overall, the episode was solid and a great to mark the halfway point of Euphoria’s first season.

'Euphoria' Episode 4
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