‘Euphoria’ Episode 7 Review: This One Was Hard To Watch


Euphoria with each passing week seems to be getting harder for me to stomach. That’s not a knock on HBO’s newest breakaway hit. It just seems that this show tackles so many tough topics, and they escalate in severity with each passing week. What I do find charming about Euphoria, is no matter how hard the subject might appear to be, the ensemble rises to the challenge and treats the narrative with such care. Look past the surface and get on board with this fantastic program. Okay, let’s get off my soapbox and talk about my five takeaways from Sunday nights episode.

5. Jules will die this season. I am almost sure of that. 


I hate breaking the news to any fans of Euphoria, but Jules (Hunter Schafer) will end up dying this season. Quite frankly, her life has been the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette. Nate has already blackmailed her into helping frame an innocent person for the assault he perpetrated on his girlfriend. She goes off the rails in Episode 7 because she doesn’t seem to care about anything but dulling the pain. I hate to say this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she overdosed. Remember, Rue dropped a huge clue stating that this isn’t going to end well.

4. Jules leaving has put Rue into a dark hole that she surprisingly navigates. 


Rue (Zendaya) is broken up over the changing dynamic of her relationship with Jules. Her departure off the deep end. While I expected her journey to send Rue into a spiral, I did appreciate that the writers of Euphoria chose to highlight the growth she’s had instead relying on what we’ve seen already. I am just concerned as to what might happen in the aftermath of Jules dying.

3. Nate’s ego will be his undoing. 


It seems as if everyone’s favorite jerk Nate has somehow managed to get out of his legal issues. What we saw in the 7th episode is a more brash and bold Nate (if that was possible). It seems as if he has reported Fez to the cops (judging by that last scene). What he doesn’t realize is that there’s always a bigger fish (and in this case it’s Mouse). Remember he just gave him more drugs to peddle. When he finds what happened, Nate (and likely Fez) are dead.

2. If Fez survives (and that’s a big if) he will be the one to kill Nate. 


I don’t think Fez will go out with making sure he takes Nate with him. There would be some justice in Nate dying in the house of a drug dealer. Unfortunately, I think Fez won’t get his chance, but one can dream.

1. Could Cassie end up keeping the baby? 


Cassie has no self-esteem, and it would not surprise me if she keeps the baby as it gives her purpose. She even said as much in the episode. I know we were lead to believe otherwise, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Cassie is going to keep the child. Would I be shocked if she went ahead with the abortion? No, but nothing about this show is ever easy. Judging by this clip, the finale will be far from that.


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