‘Frozen II’ Review: Nothing New To See Here

Frozen II

Frozen II is an uninspired attempt at capturing the past glory of the original film wrapped up in the warm embrace of two terrific songs. However, what we have to understand is that we are talking about an animated movie and not a musical. As an animated movie, Frozen II deserves the same fate as Noelle and some other straight to Disney+ feature presentations.  Name value and merchandising opportunities are what brought this to theaters. Is this abnormal? No, absolutely not. Should this have happened? Based on this final product, not even close.

Frozen II

So what is the storyline of Frozen II? It essentially amounts to Elsa (Idina Menzel) starting to feel the call of an unknown force that is drawing her away from home. Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff all volunteer to help her find whoever is calling to her. Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) does deliver an essential note to this tepid piece with his song “Lost in the Woods.” Elsa (Menzel) predictably drops the mic on the whole audience with her performance into the unknown. Aside from a few brief moments of animation goodness, (loved most of the scenes during the 3rd act), the whole experience had the feel of been there done that.

There was nothing about Frozen, which was left ambiguous.  There are attempts in Jennifer Lee’s screenplay at being a bit edgy, and one moment, in particular, that will come as a shock yet seems a tad bit out of place (you’ll know when you see it). But hey, as long as you can sell that merchandise .. right? The sad reality is that no matter how much we explain why people will be let down by Frozen’s sequel, people will be drawn to see it based on the name alone or the thousands of toys you’ve already bought for either your son or daughter promoting the film. I guess my expectations are elevated when it comes to Disney, and this release was certainly a letdown.

Frozen II
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