‘Murder Mystery’ Review: This Will Kill Your Spirit

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery makes Men In Black: International look like the action movie of the summer. To be blunt, I don’t even really understand why they decided to make this film. Does there come the point when you are so rich that anything goes? The entire premise is at best weak, and the performances are listless and dull. It didn’t seem possible to be any more irritated than I was after Men In Black: International yet here we are. In some ways, it is kind of sad to see Sandler and Aniston in a film this horrendous. I found myself wondering what the selling points that got these actors to sign on to this project were. Were they told this was supposed to be some Agatha Christie-like movie? At least those releases (even ones that were less than perfect) have some element of suspense. The only thing that kept me on the edge of my seat while watching this was whether or not I’d be able to make it to the end of this monstrosity. Calling this a movie is an insult to releases around the globe. The only fun or joy I had watching this was when the credits began to roll as my long ninety-minute nightmare had ended. My integrity was no longer holding me hostage, and I could start to recover from the trauma that is Murder Mystery. When you watch a film and keep muttering to yourself, “Why did I agree to watch this?”, you know its not good.

Murder Mystery

What is the narrative of this dumpster fire? A couple of their second honeymoon accepts an invitation from a handsome stranger (played by Luke Evans) to join him on his family yacht while they are on holiday. The characters in this film (except for Aniston and Sandler) are all exaggerated to the point where you can’t accept the reality they are trying to create. What were they thinking? Were they thinking? Even the story seems like one set up after another designed to prove what a jerk Sandler’s character is. Even when they are on the run as someone is murdered on the boat (shocking … eye roll), it seemed so detached from reality that anyone who watches this trainwreck will never accept what’s unfolding.

Overall, I often attempt to find something good about a release (even when they are terrible) because you have to examine it from all angles. Nothing good can come from you watching Murder Mystery on Netflix. Nothing! Find something else to watch like Always Be My Maybe or turn off the television. You’ll be a lot better off in the long run.

'Murder Mystery'

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