Rambo: Last Blood

‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Review: Is Just Brutal

Rambo: Last Blood is exactly what you assumed it would be. Stallone’s final stab at playing the twisted Vietnam Vet John Rambo is pretty terrible. It’s a shame that Lionsgate would allow the legacy of two fantastic action films to be tarnished in such a tremendous way, yet here we are. Not even the trademark action sequence could even wipe away the memory of this one. We are going to need something a bit more involved. Does anyone have one of those memory wiping devices from Men In Black?

Rambo relies on an awful lot of nostalgia and less on what made those films so great. Yes, John Rambo was the super solider who could take out armies with a bow and tons of rage, but what made him interesting was his pain. The selling point of the film is that Rambo is protecting his family? From what? A problem his surrogate daughter brought on to herself? Being quite frank, I’m not even sure how she ended up being his surrogate daughter as the movie fails to make that clear.

Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood attempts to cover a myriad of issues with promises of brutality (they even do so in the trailer). No amount of machete throws and gunshots can make up for the level of boredom this film has. Just the idea that a movie which is a little over 80 minutes should speak volumes to anyone reading this review. While I understand this need to recapture the past, but in some cases, it only muddies the present. There was no point in adding on to Rambo’s legacy. Rambo: Last Blood only reminds of how great the previous films were and how terrible this one is. If anyone pays to see this one, they only have themselves to blame.

'Rambo: Last Blood'
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