Review: ‘Game Of Thrones’ S8 Episode 1 Laid The Groundwork

Game Of Thrones

After 595 long grueling days,¬†Game Of Thrones¬†laid the groundwork for what promises to be a fantastic final season. The anticipation and promotion for this final season have reached epic heights as the show which began as a fantasy-centric show is now a worldwide phenomenon. With only six episodes left, could this cast crew possibly meet those lofty goal set by the shows legions of fans? Well, it’s too early to say but what we can gather is they’ve laid the groundwork for the multitude of storylines to start connecting and begin heading towards one epic conclusion.

Episode one set up some interesting conflicts to come (and no we are not talking about the forthcoming invasion of the Night King). I certainly loved the Sansa’s reaction to Daenerys riding as the defacto Queen of the North (this of course after John Snow bent the knee). While she was gracious towards her during the arrival, her true feelings became evident shortly into the episode. Could those feelings play a role during the Battle Of Winterfell or will they put all of that aside?

Game Of Thrones

One of the cooler moments of the episode had to be when Dany allowed Jon Snow to attempt riding one of her dragons. Now the part which escaped me is that it’s pretty well known that only Targaryen’s can ride them yet the “bastard” of Winterfell thinks nothing being able to take a ride on one of them. I also found the writing to be strong (especially in those moments between Tyrion, Sansa, Varys. However, the MVP’s of this episode had to be Bran and Sam. Bran gets to shoot Jamie Lannister the most fabulous look when he dismounts from his horse upon on arrival in Winterfell (remember that the King Slayer was the one who threw him from a window to what he believed was his death).

The tensest moments all were scenes involving Sam, Jon, Jorah, and Dany. Initially, Dany and Jorah seek out Sam to thank him for saving his life (remember he had Gray Scale) but that moment quickly passed as he learns by accident that the new Queen of the north executed his father and brother for refusing to bend the knee. John Bradley (who plays Sam) gave the best performance of the episode as he fights backs the emotions of that moment to still respect the queen. We then quickly pivot to Bran persuading Jon’s best friend to finally reveal his true lineage (he’s not a Stark but a Targaryen). This is a tough pill to swallow and is sure to play a role as the White Walkers are fast approaching Winterfell.

Now some might criticize this first episode for a lack of action but remember the best shows always set up what’s to come. From I can tell, excitement might be around the corner.



'Game Of Thrones' Season Eight Episode One
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