Review: ‘Watchmen’ Episode 7 Review OMG!


Those who thought that last Sunday’s episode of Watchmen was a game-changer were likely caught off guard by the events which transpired in this episode. While I will freely admit that the 6th episode was exceptionally well written, in my estimation, it didn’t have the same bang as this one did. Episode six certainly provided context for the series and did a beautiful job connection the spirit of the source material with this narrative, Sunday’s episode was just damn good television. With that in mind, here are five takeaways from tonight’s episode.

5. Detective Blake is in over her head.


Detective Blake finally puts the puzzle pieces together and realizes that Judd was likely a member of the Calvary, and his wife (played by Frances Fisher) is not shy about confirming this fact.

4. Adrian is neither a hero or a villain; he is who he is.


We find out more about Adrian and his captivity on top of the atrocities he’s committed. Instead of showing some remorse, we are witness to one of the more funny retorts I’ve seen in a series. You’ know it when you see it.

3. Angela’s recovering from her trip down memory lane.



Angela finds herself in Lady Trieu’s millennium clock, receiving treatment stemming from her overdose of Nostalgia. While she seems to be getting better,  something doesn’t seem to be right. What isn’t Lady Trieu sharing. Perhaps it’s tied to our #1 and #2 takeaways.

2. Angela’s Origin Story.


We learn much about not only Angela’s origin tale but why the Americans won in Vietnam. Angela starts as a typical Army child who loses her parents due to a bomber seeking to speak out against American occupation. It also turns out that the reason why America won in Vietnam had everything to do with Dr. Manhattan. These two seem on paths headed in opposite directions, but then we realize something significant about the direction of Watchmen. 

1. Why, hello, Dr. Manhattan!

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