‘Succession’ Episode 4 Review: Roman’s Training Has Begun

Succession aired its 4th episode of the second season and here are the top five takeaways from last night’s episode

5.  The idea of Roman having to go through management training is so appealing. 

Season 2, Episode 4 (debuts 9/1/19): Kieran Culkin, Zach Cherry.
photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

The idea that Roman is trying to become more of the common man after what happened in Switzerland is hysterical. He seems to want to move up the ladder or at the very least win the loyalty of his dad. I am sure that his actions are futile because of the promise Logan made to Shiv.

4. Loved the fight in the safe room. 

Season 2, Episode 4 (debuts 9/1/19): Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen. photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Love seeing Tom flip out as another person tries “redefine” exactly how their relationship will move forward.

3. And the Emmy for the worst Eulogy ever goes to… 

Season 2, Episode 4 (debuts 9/1/19): Justine Lupe, Alan Ruck.
photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

2. Kendall realizes that Shiv is waiting in the wings and lays his cards out on the table. 

Season 2, Episode 4 (debuts 9/1/19): Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook.
photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Shiv confronts Kendall about why Logan is protecting him and quickly lets her know that he’s pretty sure about why Shiv has been hanging around. Kendall’s at the end of his rope and is on the verge of ending it all.


Season 2, Episode 4 (debuts 9/1/19): Matthew Macfadyen, Jeannie Berlin. photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Tom is still incredibly awkward in his new job at ATN, and one can’t help but see this not ending well for him.


Probably my highlight this episode would have to be the introduction of Holly Hunter at the CEO of PGN. I am excited to see her tussle with Logan during the remainder of the second season of Succession.

'Succession' Season Two Episode 4

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