The Lighthouse

‘The Lighthouse’ Review: A Magnificent Mix Of Madness And Mermaids

The Lighthouse is a soulful dip into the farthest reaches of insanity and what drives us to our breaking point. Sorry if that means I spilled some beans ( a little Lighthouse humor), but not enough good things have been said about director Robert Eggers’s latest project. Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are electric on screen. Even though the narrative is relatively simplistic, their energy elevated the film to new heights. Robert and Max Eggers seems to have a keen understanding of the thin line between being connected and isolationism. Even in our darkest moments, having a connection with someone allows you to have some hopes of being pulled right out of it. If you are isolated from the world, your mind begins to accept the unbelievable. There’s a terror in those moments, and The Lighthouse showcases that.

The Lighthouse

The film centers on two sailors, Winslow (Pattinson) and Wake (Dafoe), who have come to take over operations of a local lighthouse on the coast of Maine. The cinematography was impeccable. Mark Korven’s score was undoubtedly haunting and provided the perfect accompaniment.  While certainly has it’s roots Melville, the oddities in the film might be a big turn off to some. That being said, there’s no denying how well crafted The Lighthouse truly is. Cinephiles will enjoy it. Your average moviegoers might be a different story. Go in with an open mind and make your judgment.


'The Lighthouse' Review
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