The Top 10 Movies Of 2019

Top 10

Happy 2020! 2019 was a fantastic year for film and brought us some releases that will go down history as some of the most significant releases and biggest bombs ever (but that’s another list for another time). While there were indeed tons of titles to go through, we have been able to narrow it down to 5 honorable mentions and the top 10 films of 2019. As always, I reserve the right to tweak the list at a later date.

Honorable Mentions.


Charlize Theron gives a dynamite performance amongst a fantastic ensemble cast in one of the years, more stylish films. Theron, at the very least, will be nominated for an Oscar (probably deserves to win another one). Here’s the review


Just Mercy –

One of the years most important films included a fantastic performance from Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. I sure hope that this release has legs at the box-office when it releases Jan. 10th. Here’s my review

Always Be My Maybe –

I can’t remember a film that I saw this year where I laughed harder than when I watched Always Be My Maybe. Amongst the jokes about punching Keanu Reeves is a heartfelt rom-com. Here’s my review


The Long Shot –

Every year I always include a film that I would deem my “guilty pleasure.” Here’s my review

Peanut Butter Falcon –

This is my most surprising cinematic experience of the year, and If I had an award for the most heartwarming tale, this would get it hands down. If you haven’t seen it, rectify this in the new year! Here’ my review

10. Knives Out –

Easily the best ensemble of 2019 and one of the cleverly constructed whodunits in some time. Here’s the review.


9. John Wick 3-

As long as Keanu Reeves will keep making this series, Lionsgate will keep making them. Here’s the review.


8. 1917 –

One of the very best War movies I’ve ever seen with dynamite cinematography and a simply perfect score. Here’s my review.


7. The Farewell –

A touching tale of love, compassion, and the meaning of family. Awkwafina is perfect in a role that will lead to her first Oscar nomination. Here’s my review.


6. Uncut Gems –

If there is justice in this world, then the Academy will recognize Adam Sandler’s dynamite performance in one of the most intense movies of 2019. Here’s my review.

5. Pain and Glory –

I don’t think Antonio has ever been better, and in a world where there’s no Joker, him winning Best Actor would be a foregone conclusion. Here’s the review.


4. The Irishman –

The Irishman is one of those rare films that even the missteps seem perfect. Everything about this film from the production design, writing, and individual performance is just remarkable. Here’s my review.

3. Little Women –

Greta Gerwig’s followup to Lady Bird is simply a revelation. The performances, writing, the set design are all just perfect. If Greta isn’t nominated for Best Director this year, it would be a travesty. Little Women being in the top 10 was a no brainer. Here’s the review.


2. Parasite –

Parasite is so meticulously constructed and so well shot that it’s not hard to become completely engrossed by this heartbreaking tale of class. Parasite could have easily been first for me, and any list which has it at #1 is undoubtedly accurate on some level.


1. Marriage Story –

No movie has just wrecked more than Marriage Story. The performances are phenomenal, the writing is impeccable, and the experience of this film was so jarring that I had to go for a long walk after the movie to process what I had just seen. As great as Parasite was, I couldn’t see Marriage Story being moved in our top 10. Here’s my review.

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